Understand the fundamentals of physical LNG and gas markets, how they are priced, and how to make money from a LNG portfolio. Learn about price risks, how to value storage, cargo lifecycles, arbitrage and more…


Learn how Crude Oil is priced, what Crude differentials and lifting programmes are. Understand how derivatives are used in the Crude Oil market, to trade flat price and time spreads, as well as how to optimise storage and more…


Discover how Oil Products are priced, what product differentials are, and how to make money from a physical Oil Products portfolio. Learn about the price risks associated with Oil Products, trading flat price, time spreads and more…


Understand European natural gas markets, and how to make money from a physical portfolio. Learn about the price risks associated with Natural Gas, trading flat price, time spreads, pipelines, storage, hedging, derivatives and more…


Your Path to Commodity Trading

At TwoTwoFive we provide next-generation CPD certified Commodity Trading Training courses for businesses and individuals globally.

It’s our mission to equip the energy industry with the most innovative training tools, to enhance and develop tangible positive outcomes from current and future traders, back, middle & front office, as well as trading support teams.

We train differently. Our collection of E-Learning and Live Online & face-to-face commodity trading training courses decode step-by-step trading complexities and terminologies simply, and facilitate the opportunity to practice real-life trading scenarios via Ignite: or unique user-friendly digital trading simulator.

Our trainers are all former traders who encourage group discussion and participation and provide ongoing personal feedback throughout to ensure our courses are immersive, memorable and invaluable.


Do I hold this position to make more money? Should I close this loss making position now? Have I missed the top?  

As the saying goes, “the best way of learning about anything is doing” – and that’s why all of our commodity trading training courses bring the theory to life by testing your skills and adrenalin by putting you firmly in the chair of a trader. Ignite: our advanced digital commodity trading simulator, is a unique piece of software that serves up realistic and relevant trading scenarios; you’ll see the wealth up information a trader is exposed to, and needs to process expediently in order to manage their positions, profit & loss.

Access to Ignite lasts between 10-minutes or 8-hours depending which course is taken.


Talent Assessments

Identifying and ranking the commercial skills of candidates you are about to recruit or promote can be a labour-intensive task. We offer Commercial Assessment courses to identify their core skills and ability to act under pressure. Our accredited practitioners can also provide a detailed view of behaviour preferences, as well as performance strengths and weaknesses too by applying the ‘PRISM Brain Mapping’ process to determine if, and how their future career development is shaped at your company.

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