Learn about physical LNG and gas markets, how they are priced, and how to make money from a LNG portfolio. Understand electronic trading using our unique advanced trading simulator, which ensures practical hands-on experience of real market scenarios.


Learn how crude oil is priced, what crude differentials and lifting programmes are. Access our unique advanced trading simulations to understand how derivatives are used in the crude oil market, to trade flat price and time spreads, as well as how to optimise storage.


Learn how oil products are priced, what product differentials are, and how to make money from a physical oil products portfolio. You will use our unique advanced trading simulator to learn about the price risks associated with oil products trading flat price and time spreads.


Learn about European natural gas markets, and how to make money from a physical portfolio. You will use our unique advanced trading simulator to learn about the price risks associated with natural gas, trading flat price and time spreads, pipelines and storage.

Commodity Trading

Your Path to Commodity Trading

There are a myriad of ways to enter the world of commodity trading… and the TwoTwoFive training team have all taken very different paths; ranging from university, joining graduate schemes, and working in operational roles.

Whatever your background or trading aspirations, the TwoTwoFive Commodity Trading Academy courses provide you with a comprehensive insight into a commodity from a trading perspective.

Our expert trainers unravel trading concept theories simply, provide a detailed synopsis of a trader’s role, and share real-life trading scenarios they’ve personally experienced. You’ll get the opportunity to play unique trading simulations too, and gain the ability to execute trades whilst being coached along the way.

Commodity Trading Simulations

Our commodity trading simulations allow you to become fully immersed and experience the physiological highs and lows of being a trader.

Do I hold this position to make more money? Do I close this loss making position now? Have I missed the top?

All of these moments trigger real emotions and cause adrenalin to flow; that’s why our world-class and unique advanced trading simulator Ignite, has been designed to put you in a trader’s chair. It allows you to see the wealth of information you are exposed to and have to process expediently in order to manage your positions, as well as your profit & loss.

Depending on which course you choose, each commodity trading simulation lasts between 20 minutes and 3 hours, and is played individually or in teams.

Commodity Trader Talent Assessments

Talent Assessments

If you need to identify and rank the commercial skills of candidates you are about to recruit or promote, try our Commodity Trading Academy or Assessment courses.

By applying the ‘PRISM Brain Mapping’ process too, our accredited Practitioners can provide a detailed view of behavioural preferences and performance strengths & weaknesses; arming you with the key insights to determine if and how their future career development is shaped.

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