Why do we do what we do?

We have a passion for trading, and a passion for passing on our knowledge in an exciting, interesting, interactive way; whether through our succinct online courses or our face-to-face courses complete with multiple state-of-the art trading simulations. We love to discover, motivate and mentor future traders.

Who are we?

Well everyone who works for TwoTwoFive has at one time or another been a trader at BP, so we have plenty of experience trading physical commodities, paper, options; you name it, we’ve traded it! Our trading experience sets us apart from the crowd, with plenty of real-life anecdotes, plus the occasional well-placed joke (there’s a cracker about a refinery!) setting the scene for a structured, yet informal, high quality training session; or a colourful fun interactive online course.

We have to talk…

We’ve always wanted to make all our courses as interactive as possible, but at times there is no getting away from someone having to explain trading concepts. We try really hard to keep the speaking and words to a minimum, whilst ensuring you all fully understand the principles. Lectures are generally a maximum of 45 mins, this being the max amount of time an adult can concentrate, before switching off! Our online modules are punctuated with pictures, exercises and videos.