Learn Your Way

At TwoTwoFive we will give you an insight into a trading role and the life of a trader on a daily basis. The level of detail and the way you learn is up to you.

We adopt a unique approach keeping lectures focussed and engaging coupled with our in- house trading simulations to test your knowledge with us on hand. We recognise that people have differing learning requirement so have developed a flexible approach offering a suite of different learning methods.

If you are interested in learning about the basic concepts of a subject whilst learning at your own pace, at a time that suits you then why not try our E-Learning Academy. You can learn at your desk, on the move or from the comfort of your own home.

They all include a 10 minute trading simulation, so you can put your learning into practice.

Our E-Learning modules form the pre read to our Live Online courses and Live Online Academies.

If you enjoy the smaller E-Learning modules why not upgrade your learning? Take a look at our Live Online courses….

For more detailed learning about Arbitrage, Storage or Hedging choose our Live Online courses.

Each course contains 3 hours of learning content, which includes 90 minutes of trading simulations using our unique software Ignite.

You will need to complete a pre-read, if you haven’t already completed the E-Learning module, along with some trading simulation tutorials before attending a live session in our virtual classroom. We give you access to the trading simulator 1 week prior to you live session.

If you want to understand how a trader extracts value and manages risk from a portfolio from first principles then our Academies are for you.

We have put together an engaging and interactive programme, consisting of 8 subject modules, that we deliver through focused lectures and a number of realistic physical trading simulations. Academies are led by our team of expert and personable former traders who are on hand to develop your ability to understand and trade commodity markets. You can choose between a Face-to-Face Academy or a Live Online Academy.

Our Face-to-Face Academies are delivered over 3 days and allow you to mix and learn alongside candidates from different companies.

Live Online Academies are delivered remotely over a 2 week period; you can access from your home or workplace. Each of the 8 modules features an interactive 1 hour pre read, a live session for 2 hours per day and a knowledge check.


Learn about physical LNG, gas markets and electronic trading using TwoTwoFive’s revolutionary trading simulator which ensures practical hands on experience of real market scenarios. You will learn how LNG is priced and how to make money from an LNG portfolio.


Learn how crude oil is priced, what crude differentials are and about lifting programmes. You will access our unique trading simulations to understand how derivatives are used in the crude oil market, to trade flat price and time spreads as well as how to optimise storage.


Learn how oil products are priced and what product differentials are. You will use our unique trading simulator to learn about the price risks associated with oil products trading flat price and time spreads. You will learn how to make money from a physical oil products portfolio.


Learn about European natural gas and power markets. You will use our unique trading simulator to learn about the price risks associated with natural gas, trading flat price and time spreads, pipelines and storage. You will learn how to make money from a physical portfolio.