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We are able to design, build and host bespoke Talent Assessment Programmes to suit your business’s needs.

Current Employees Our Live Online and Face to Face Academy courses include a full and comprehensive assessment of an individual’s trading abilities based upon our proprietary commercial skills matrix. Using Ignite: our best-in-class trading simulator, we put individuals in a simulated trading environment that mimics the stresses and pressures of a real trading role. The commercial skills evaluation is conducted over 3-5 days (Client dependent), enabling us to produce and provide an extensive written report of each individual’s strengths and weaknesses, compared to our anonymous database of 1,000+ individuals. Individuals also complete an online PRISM questionnaire that identifies their behavioural preferences, which alongside our trading observations, helps to explain their performance, and assist in development opportunities.
Talent Assessment Academy

The Talent Assessment Training Programmes can be carried out remotely via our virtual training room, or at a preferred location anywhere in the world.

New Hires We can provide an independent assessment of potential new candidates’ commercial skills and attributes to ensure you make the right hire. Utilising our virtual training room, all potential new candidates are tasked with completing various Ignite trading simulations to test their skill-set in individual breakout rooms. On completion our team of assessors will produce a light assessment report of the candidate’s commercial ability, and behavioural preferences to aid your recruitment process.

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To discuss how we can help take the pain out of your talent management, please email direct on [email protected]