Crude Oil & Product Trading Programme


The course covers physical oil, oil product markets and electronic trading using an innovative programme that utilises a revolutionary trading simulator that ensures practical hands on experience of ‘real market scenarios’ in a unique three day learning experience. It is an opportunity to expand your network by learning alongside candidates from various companies and backgrounds. The course facilitators are former traders who will develop your ability to understand and trade the crude oil and products markets.


After completion of this course you will understand:- basics of oil markets and trading best practice; Brent futures, BFOE and Dated Brent; physical products and crude; refining; forward markets and time spreads; storage optionality and optimisation; trading futures using technicals; hedging & floating prices; geographies and arbitrage; freight and hedging arbitrage.

Crude Oil & Product Trading Programme​ Singapore

  • Oil – Crude & Products
  • £2,995 + VAT
  • Singapore
  • Face-to-Face
Dates available:

16–18 September 2020

£599.00 (tax)
Total: £3,594.00
Crude Oil & Product Trading Programme​ NY

  • Oil – Crude & Products
  • $3,995
  • New York
  • Face-to-Face
Dates available:


30 November 2020–2 December 2020

Crude Oil & Product Trading Programme​ London

  • Oil – Crude & Products
  • £2,750 + VAT
  • London
  • Face-to-Face
Dates available:

13–15 November 2020​​

£550.00 (tax)
Total: £3,300.00