Project Description

The brief

The client wanted to put a large number (200+) of candidates through an in-house development programme. The programme also had to be structured to meet TwoTwoFive’s criteria for assessing the trading potential of their candidates. The programme focussed on Crude Oil & Products initially.

Service provided

TwoTwoFive delivered a series of 5 day courses at the client’s premises in India.

The first 3 days of the programme focused on education and light touch assessment, allowing the delegates time to absorb trading concepts and become accustomed to the trading simulator software.

The final two days were focused on completing complex simulations and a full assessment of each delegate’s commercial skill capabilities. The assessed simulations were a mix of individual and team-based simulations, allowing assessors the opportunity to observe behaviour both individually and within a group environment.

PRISM brain mapping was embedded within the programme. Delegates completed an online questionnaire, which allowed TwoTwoFive, as qualified practitioners to determine their natural behavioural preferences. Coupled with TwoTwoFive trading observations this helped to provide feedback to the client who used this to help determine the most appropriate role for each individual.

TwoTwoFive educated the delegates about stress management and recorded their HRV (heart rate variability) data to demonstrate how completing the complex trading simulations had changed their physiological state.


The client received a comprehensive assessment report combining both observed and neurological data designed to provide a unique insight into each delegate’s trading potential, their resilience and ability to thrive in a pressured environment.

The combination of the TwoTwoFive commercial skills evaluation and the full PRISM report gave the client the tools to fully evaluate the delegate and determine their future career development.

Diversity of skills within a team is very powerful and better awareness of mental health can improve the overall performance and wellbeing of a delegate regardless of their career path.